Best PC Cases For Airflow-Top 10 Computer Cases For Max Air Cooling.

Many people ignore the importance of a computer case but trust me it plays an important part when it comes to the smooth operation of your machine.

Be in the cooling system or future upgrade ready case, choosing the right case is a very critical decision. There will be new processors every year or bigger storages, RAMs or better graphics cards but your computer case is the only part that will be with you for 5-10 years in the future.

So choose a computer case with the best airflow and future upgrade opportunities and last but not least aesthetically pleasing.

Most important thing to look for on your new case must be airflow. Airflow can make or break your computer’s temperature, that is why it’s a must for computer cases. Heavy duty computers tend to increase machine temperature so it needs to be cooled to avoid any damage; so good airflow makes sure your machine works in the best environment.

The number of fans and their placement can affect the temperature of your system but it can also increase the noise level in the case.Also you need to check if your case is water cooled compatible, for your build. We will review some of the Best PC Cases For Airflow available in the market at various price ranges for different budget sizes.

Picture  Brand Pros Cons  
Thermaltake Core P1 Open Frame

Liquid Cooling

 Only One Radiator Check Price
Corsair Air 540 Liquid Cooling

Cable management

Less space for external storages Check Price
Thermaltake Level 10 GT Cable management

Plenty of room

Fewer featured from cases in the same category. Check Price
Cooler Master – HAF X 4 Fans included

Plenty of build space

 Heavy case even empty. Check Price
NZXT Phantom 410 Style and design

Build space

 None at all Check Price
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Direct airflow to CPU

Can get liquid cooling

Motherboards over 10.7″ wont fit. Check Price
Corsair Crystal Series 570X Six fan slots

Cable management

Can get graphics cards smaller than 14.5in Check Price
Cooler Master HAF XB II EVO Removable motherboard tray

Case and a test bench

Bigger than other cases in same category Check Price
SilverStone ATX Tower TJ11-BW Two power supplies for extreme load management.

Powerful Air penetrator fans for better cooling.

Motherboard mounting is vertical and back plate opening behind CPU for quicker cooling

Not budget friendly Check Price
Corsair Obsidian 900D Four fans included in the case for better cooling

Provision to mount 5 radiators


None at all Check Price

  • 5 mm thick tempered Glass for durability.
  • The open frame adds to the beauty of the case. You can show off your hardware.
  • 3 fans ensure the best airflow to keep case cool.
  • Provision to install a liquid cooling system.

  • There is space only for one radiator.
  • Little less space inside the case for the variety of components.

Thermaltake is known for good airflow cases and this case does the job well. Tempered glass case gives you the panoramic view and works well under decent heating conditions. Dismantle Modular Design helps you freely build the system from scratch with ease. You can mount the case on the wall vertical or horizontal. This case is aesthetically pleasing with the efficient cooling system.
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  • Dual-chamber direct airflow helps to achieve best cooling system in the case.⦁ Dual-chamber direct airflow helps to achieve best cooling system in the case.
  • Unique cube design to stand out from the rest of rectangular cases.
  • Lot of expansion space for liquid Cooling system or air cooling inside the case.
  • Cable management is easy with rubber grommets.

  • Little less space for external storages.
  • 2.5 drive bay is made of plastic than metal.

Corsair is the well-known name in computer case industry and Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 lives up to expectations. Direct Airflow Path delivers outstanding performance. There is a lot of space to mount extra fans and radiators for better cooling. If you looking for a case with high efficient airflow, then this is the right case for you in the given segment.
  • Big enough to house any setup.
  • Cable management options are incomparable.
  • Hinged door included makes it easier to open the case.

  • Fewer features compared to other cases in the same tier.
  • Minimalist style.

Thermaltake and BMW Designworks collaboration worked perfectly to bring this full tower case. Good airflow and superior built quality make this case stand out from the rest. Five swappable hard drive bays included are helpful while swapping from 2.5” or 3.5” drives. With black and snow white color to choose from, this case competes well with other cases in the same tier.
  • The case is made of durable hard plastic and steel.
  • A lot of space inside to accommodate large video cards or largest motherboard.
  • Four fans included in the case and has option to add 2 more fans for better airflow inside the case.

  • The case is heavy even with nothing in it because of highly durable material.

⦁ As the name suggests, Cooling Master – HAF X does the wonderful job to keep your case always cool. Full tower case with large space inside for your various cooling needs like fans or liquid cooling system. Excellent built quality makes sure you will have no fried parts inside the case. Even with 4 built-in fans inside the case, it works quietly under full load too.
  • Style and design are of best quality make it one of the best-looking case in the market.
  • One 140mm fan and three 200mm fans for best airflow and quiet operation.
  • Large space inside the case to help you mount up to 9 fans and any video card in the market.
  • It has 10 drive bays and 9 expansion slots.

  • None at all. As  hard as we tried we couldn’t find anything bad to say about this case.

NZXT Phantom 820 is certainly the best looking and best-performing case market. This case does not lack features. HUE lighting built inside will illuminate your case with the color of your choice. With removable filters on all sides, it’s easy to keep your case dust free. You can choose from 3 colors, Black, White or Gunmetal. With the option to mount 6 hard drives and 9 fans, Phantom 820 keeps case temperature at bay. If you want to have PC case of best design and good airflow, go for Phantom 820.
  • Built from 3mm thick Aluminum and 4mm tempered glass side panels.
  • Direct airflow to CPU with 3 Phantek’s premium fans keeps the case cool.
  • For better cooling requirement, there are 3 installation areas for radiators.

  • Motherboards over 10.7” size won’t fit in the case.

Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV has sturdy build with thick Aluminium body and tempered glass for durability. Removable dust filters keep dust out of the case. It has the changeable power LED light. With provision to fit 3 radiators and 3 premium fans installed in the case, Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV makes sure temperature remains cool inside the case. If you want the good looking case with excellent built, go for it.
  • Four tampered glass panels makes you see through your case completely.
  • Three RGB LED fans in front and can be expanded up to six fans.
  • Compatible with the range of radiators in the front and top of the case.
  • Clean cable management in the case, thanks to Velcro cable straps

  • Can only incorporate video card size up to 14.5 inches.

⦁ Corsair 570X is the good option If you considering high end tempered glass computer cases. Fully visible glass panels with RGB LED fans makes this case look beautiful with the optimum cooling system. The front panel has high-speed USB 3.0 and case features three-point dust filter system. Corsair logo shines bright white with LED backlit and looks fantastic. Go for Corsair 570X if you want stylish case with best cooling system
  • A case and a test bench combined into one.
  • For better airflow, two Xtraflo fans present in the front panel.
  • Four HDD or SSD can be mounted in removable cages.
  • Removable motherboard tray for swapping components.
  • Ease to carry with rigid carry handles on side panels.

  • Bigger and bulkier than other options in the same segment.

If you are an enthusiast or overclocker then Cooler Master HAF XB EVO is the ideal case for you. The removable motherboard tray and side panels make this case a test bench instantly. The case is big enough to try different components in your PC case. If you don’t mind compromising on the size of the case for your PC experiments and if Cube is your favorite shape then you should definitely buy this case.
  • This case can actually accommodate two power supplies for extreme load management.
  • The case is made of durable Aluminium with the sand-blasted finish.
  • Two powerful Air penetrator fans for better cooling.
  • Rivet free body for easy accessibility while maintenance or upgrades.
  • Motherboard mounting is vertical and back plate opening behind CPU for quicker cooling.

  • This case is not budget friendly if compared with others in the same tier.

Extreme gaming needs extreme cases and SilverStone TJ11-BW is the monster you need for your extreme gaming needs. Two power supplies in the case are the unique feature very less number of cases have and makes this case very special when it comes to cooling down your machine. Well-built body with the attractive finish, this case looks nothing but a beast. If you don’t mind spending some extra bucks for your extreme gaming needs, then, by all means, go buy this fantastic piece of case.
  • Four fans included in the case for better cooling system and can be expanded up to 15 fans.
  • Brushed aluminum front panel looks exquisite.
  • Provision to mount 5 radiators in the for extreme cooling under heavy load.
  • Nine hard drive bays for maximum storage and can be upgradable up to fifteen.
  • Room for multiple power supplies.

  • None at all. Top case of its tier.

Corsair Obsidian 900D has everything you want and then some. Literally, you can do anything with this case with a lot of upgrade options available from fans to hard drive bays. The cooling capacity of this case is fantastic with 15 fans trying to keep the temperature down with the help of 5 radiators. This monster PC case is worth of every penny and inarguably the best computer case in the market.

No matter which case you choose, it will not increase your game’s framerate or decrease your load times. It’s not even going to increase your storage space or memory either. Nonetheless, the case does a good job of holding all your components. For example if you choose a case that doesn’t have enough  space for your graphics card, you will have to get a smaller one. Now comes the difficult part, which computer case should I go for amongst above mentioned top cases? Well, the answer lies in the question itself. The case you choose has to fulfill your needs completely. All the best cases cater for different purposes and reasons. For example – If you need a case to experiments and need bigger space for all the components then choose Cooler Master HAF XB II EVO or If you need a case for extreme gaming or heavy load operations then you should choose SilverStone TJ11-BW (costlier but totally worth it) or you can go for Corsair Obsidian 900D which comes at the half price with similar features of Silverstone TJ11-BW.


All the cases we have seen above have the good cooling system with excellent airflow. Airflow depends on the design and the materials  of the case, better airflow in better designs to keep your machine cool. Aesthetics plays the important part too while choosing your right case. Take these points into consideration before you finalize your computer tower. We have listed many options for you to choose from, from cheap and efficient cases to beast computer towers which have literally everything you can ask for. So choose wisely!

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